5 Tips Before You Adopt a Dog

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July 14, 2020
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Before you think about adopting a dog, it’s important to make sure you and others in your household are ready. Here are five tips to consider before you adopt a dog.

Have a conversation with everyone living in your household

Make sure everybody understands the responsibilities of adopting a dog, and what their role will be. Pets are a serious, time-consuming commitment. Every dog is different, with their own specific needs. In order to make the dog’s life and your life easier, it is important for everyone in the house to be on the same page about what is required of adopting a dog.

Find or make a space in the house where the dog can feel comfortable

When you adopt a dog your home becomes their home. You want to make them feel safe and secure living there! When finding or creating a space for your dog, you want to ensure that they will not feel isolated. Make sure there is a place where they can be around you, while still being able to maintain their own personal space. Some dogs like a crate, while others do not. This is something you will navigate when you have found your new furry pal.

Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to keep your new furry friend happy and healthy

Owning a dog takes a financial commitment – from essentials like bowls and food to safety items like a seatbelt harness, check out our “shopping list” below for some guidance. Once you know the dog you are doing to adopt, it will make it easier to buy things that are size-specific like leashes, crates and beds.

Educate yourself on a dog’s mannerisms and body language

Dogs are intelligent animals that communicate through their actions. The graphics below provide great information that can help you better understand and communicate with your dog! Read our full blog on this topic.

Inform yourself on how to socialize your dog

It is inevitable that your dog is going to meet new people, other animals, new things, and different environments. This graphic below provides great tips for how to create positive experiences for your dog when socializing in new situations. Remember- while these tips are great,- some dogs are going to have a harder time in new situations than others, and they may require professional help. It is important for dogs to socialize and be able to interact in different environments, so if your dog appears to be shy, worried, or overly excited in new situations, even after following these tips, reach out to a professional for help! Read our full blog on this topic.