The Dog Star Veterans Program (DS4V)

Our Vision

To match qualified veteran service men and women with deserving homeless abandoned dogs, and to provide each with a rewarding life experience. The matchmaking is completed by pairing veterans with a specifically selected and evaluated rescue dog, based on the veteran’s personality and lifestyle to make the perfect companion match.

Our Mission

The overall Mission of DS4V is to be a veteran dedicated organization focused on matching specially identified rescue dogs to be companions and emotional support dogs, and to help heal the emotional wounds of military veterans.

Our Guiding Principles

Placement of dogs who have ended up in shelters as a result of being abandoned or owner surrendered, into permanent homes with military veterans, where they are cared for through respect and companionship.

Creating an atmosphere where rescue volunteers feel appreciated and rewarded for their selflessness in assisting veterans to find their perfect companion dog.

Development of an ever-increasing network of dog lovers, organizations, and volunteers, continuing to raise awareness and place more abandoned dogs each year with veterans.

Companion Dogs for Veterans Can

    • Improve mental well-being
    • Motivate veterans to get up and go out in the world
    • Enhance disabled veterans transition into civilian life

For additional information or questions, please contact the DS4V Program at: