Success Stories

Dog Star Success Stories

Of all the pages on this website, Dog Star Rescue is most proud of this one! Though we’ve had hundreds of successful adoptions, we’ve chosen some of our favorites for you to appreciate! We love staying in contact with our adopters and their happy dogs. If you’re itching for more, then feel free to check out our Facebook page . There you’ll find many more happy adoption photos, plus posts and reviews from families we’ve brought together with their new pets!


Mushu practicing his patience with his big human sister in preparation of becoming a big brother to another tiny human any day now!
He is literally the missing piece of our family that we never knew we needed. Boy, did he barge right into our hearts real quick!


A happy Dog Star Rescue dog, Bubba, stands with his new family-

Bubba is one lucky dog. He now has a mom and dad, two boys to call his own, plus a big brother dog to help show him the ropes. Congratulations, we wish you all a lifetime of happiness!

Since Stella’s “Gotcha Day” on February 28, 2015, she has been a very happy, BUSY girl.

Her favorite activities include going for walks, riding in the truck assisting with weekly errands and, in the summer, going for long rides in her convertible wearing her doggles. She has traveled throughout New England and has even had two special overnights which include Newport, RI and West Rutland VT. When she takes a break from her traveling and errands, Stella enjoys spending time with her family at home in Avon. Stella also has a second home, which is our son’s apartment in West Hartford, where there is always a bowl of fresh water waiting for her. Stella has brought us a lot of joy and happiness and we feel honored that we can provide her a warm, safe, loving forever home!

Quincy is an American bulldog who came to Dog Star Rescue (DSR) in a round about way. Quincy’s story began in CT when his original owner was no longer able to take care of him and surrendered him to a friend who found him a home in South Carolina. Seemed like a dream come true, because Quincy was sent to live on a polo horse farm where he would have lots of room to run around. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a little bit too much freedom for Quincy, who became disruptive with barking and chasing the horses. The horse farm decided to return Quincy and he was put back on the transport truck to CT.  During his return journey, DSR became involved and Quincy became a member of the Dog Star family!  DSR met Quincy for the first time at the CT transport drop off and all was not well.  Quincy was returned very thin with severe open sores on his feet and legs and had to be medically treated before he could be adopted again.  He was fostered, medically treated and placed on a special diet until he gained a little weight back and was healthy enough for adoption. Quincy found his new forever home shortly after his clean bill of health and life couldn’t be better! Quincy lives in Simsbury, CT with the family of the head coach of the high school baseball and football teams and he is doing great. Yup, life is good!

These two Husky beauties, Storm and Snow, were dropped off at a Manhattan NY shelter that has a high euthanasia rate due to space constraints. Both were injured and flagged as “urgent” and, therefore, would have been euthanized quickly.  DSR agreed to take them knowing the medical costs would likely be in the multiple thousands of dollars. When they arrived in CT, they both had trouble walking. Upon examination by the vet, it was determined that Snow had a broken leg that required immediate surgery and Storm had a shoulder injury. These sweet pups became Dog Stars and were given the medical care that they needed to become healthy and ready for adoption. Storm’s shoulder healed after therapy, he was adopted by a loving family and has a new fur brother named Rowdy. Snow is still recovering from the surgical repair of her leg but is doing well and will be available for adoption once her leg is fully healed. We have no doubt she will find her forever home soon!

A happy Dog Star Rescue dog, Prudence, stands with her new family- the Butlers

Please join us in congratulating the Butler family on their newest family member, Prudence! We are so happy this sweet girl has found her way home. Thank you to Kayleigh and Matt for fostering and facilitating her adoption! Happy tails, Prudence!

Just a short time ago, Otis was abandoned along with a group of kittens. Now, he has a mom, dad, two sisters, and a friend in Smoky the bunny rabbit! Here’s Otis with the new sister who gave him a new name — Bandit, “because he stole my heart.” Congratulations to everyone!

Little girl excitedly holds leash of newly adopted Dog Star Rescue dog
Little girl sits with her newly adopted best friend- a black dog.
Success story image for Dog Star dog Chelsea who is seen in four images happily showcasing her life at home

Dog Star Paula, now known as Chelsea, has been learning lots of new skills and growing like a weed in her new home. She’s also become quite the fashion maven in her homemade faux sheepskin jacket, which keeps her warm in the cold weather. Congratulations!

Abby, a Dog Star Dog, is seen in three different photos showcasing her new life

Dog Star Duchess, now Abby, went from being abandoned outside a shelter after hours to living the good life with her new family, which includes her doggie brother Ben. The two have become the best of friends and can regularly be found snuggling together.

Dog Star Bear, who now goes by Bode, is loving life with his new family! He spends his days at doggy day care, hiking in the snow and chewing on toys and bones (and the occasional boot or Christmas tree skirt!). Congratulations to all!

Bear, a Dog Star Dog, is seen in three different photos showcasing her new life


Dog Star was fortunate to be able to rescue Marlee, a dog with a history down south. Her new owner contacted the previous owner via the dog’s embedded chip. The story is truly heartwarming! If you’d like to read their email chain and hear about the story of Dog Star Marlee, please read more.


Your  email address was listed as the former owner contact on the Petlink page for Marlee Sophia Thomas.
I wanted to let you know if you are in fact Marlee’s former owner, that she was one of the lucky ones chosen by the Aiken Animal Shelter for transfer to an animal rescue group in Connecticut in early January. We adopted her on February 14th.
I spoke with the Aiken Animal Shelter a few weeks ago as there were some discrepancies in Marlee’s paperwork (DOB, microchip #’s, etc.). I asked the woman I spoke with if she would contact you to let you know Marlee had been adopted. She wasn’t sure she was allowed to do that, hence this email.
Marlee has adjusted well to the snowy weather here in Connecticut. It is obvious to us she came from a family who cared for her as she took to our home quickly after spending a month at a dog kennel here in Connecticut.
I am truly sorry you had to surrender your pet, but know she is with a family that has already fell in love with her. We had a dog that was similar to Marlee who passed in August. She would have been 16 in November. I’ve attached a picture of our Sable so you can see the similarities. Sable was a Carolina Dog mixed breed and we are confident Marlee comes from the same stock which is what initially attracted us to her.
If you are willing, I would love to talk with you to learn more about Marlee and her history with your family especially finding out about Marlee’s distinct reaction to our gas stove top and clicker.


I am utterly speechless right now! As I read your email I busted out crying with complete tears of joy! Please know that I loved Marlee so incredibly much but it was very one sided.. As my husband was not fond of Marlee due to her not being good with our goats, chickens and ducks. I literally fought for Marlee to stay with us for almost 2 years and the last time she got a hold of one of our ducks and I knew if I kept her I would end up in a divorce. So at that point I had to make the most hardest decision of my life and surrender her. I screamed and cried at the shelter, I cried for days, I still look for her every morning when I walk outside, I dream about her frequently.
You honestly don’t know what this means to me that one you adopted her and that two you contacted me! You have lifted this massive pain from my heart!
Now that I got all of that out let me tell you a little bit about where Marlee came from- her mother used to hang around my husbands work and when she had her litter she would wonder the roads (unfortunately it is a bad area and lots of dogs are wondering around out there and the shelters are to full to care about picking them up, this is in GA.) so one day my husband saw her and one of her puppies ran out in the road and got hit (Marlee) another employee ran out and grabbed her and turned her into the shelter. My husband sent me pictures and I was in love. I immediately started contacting the shelter in GA and they gave me the run around for a week. Finally they told me if I brought them $80 they would spay her and let me get her. She was infested with fleas but fortunately she had no injuries from the hit. We got her all cleaned up and the vet estimated her to be 9 weeks so I made her birthday March 28, 2013.
She was initially to be my daughters dog (she was 1 at the time) but Marlee and I developed a bond and I think that is something else my husband hated since he wanted her to be my daughter’s dog.
It’s funny because I couldn’t get her potty trained for the life of me when she was younger and then she started to live outside (we have 389 acres that she ran freely) she absolutely loved that but we had a really bad ice storm 2-14-14 and she had to stay in for 4 days (she never had one accident!!) so I always said she potty trained herself she is an excellent Hunter and loved to ride in the back of the truck around the land or in the golf cart.
I’m not sure about the gas stove, she has never been around one. Does she act scared of it? She wasn’t scared of gun shots or my husband has a race car and she loved being around it and going to the races.
As soon as I read your email and quit crying I called my mom and told her that Marlee was okay and that I could quit hating myself and she said  “good things happen to good people!” I just knew I would have to live the rest of my life wondering if she ever made it out of that dreadful shelter. I’m telling you, you have made my life!! Thank you for being a wonderful person and caring enough to contact me! She truly is an awesome dog but that has faults that I guess our family couldn’t deal with but clearly there was a much bigger plan for her in life! Please do not hesitate to stay in contact with me, I would love that!
I am going to send this email (sorry it is so long) and then I will send another email with pictures attached. I am sorry to here about your Sadie and yes they do resemble a lot!! Thank you so much for the pictures, I will truly cherish them!