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October 2, 2020
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January 24, 2021

Adoption Events Effective Immediately

2020 has taught us to be ready for anything and that the best laid plans can change in an instant. Dog Star Rescue (DSR) has been closely monitoring the increase in COVID cases in CT and to ensure the safety of our volunteers and adoptive families, we are changing how we adopt out our dogs going forward. Rest assured – we are continuing to rescue and adopt out as many dogs as possible to loving families. We just need to change how we do this as we navigate the COVID 19-pandemic. Here’s what you can expect, effective immediately.

Pre-approval process with Dog Star

The first step of adopting a rescue dog with Dog Star has always been to complete an pre-approval application on our website. Once an adoption application has been submitted, a representative from our screening team will begin processing your application, which will include checking references (veterinarian and personal, when appropriate), an interview and more. Importantly, because of the large volume of applications that we receive, this process can take 7+ days. Once complete, you will be advised of the status of your application and/or if you are pre-approved to adopt a dog from DSR.  Pre-approved adopters are added to our sneak peek email list which shows all new dogs coming into our rescue. Dogs are also added to our website a few days before they arrive.

Meet and greets

If there is a dog who you’ve fallen for, you should get in touch with your screener ASAP so that they can determine if the dog is a good match for your family based on what they’ve learned about you and what they know about the dog. The screener will then set up a “meet and greet” to give you the opportunity to meet that dog. All dogs and other members of your household will be required to attend the meet and greet. If you are unsure of who your screener is and/or your pre-approval status, email Due to the unpredictability of the pandemic, please note that this process may change at any point in the future

Adoption events

Effective immediately, adoption events will only be open to pre-approved adopters. This will allow us to keep events safe for everyone as we will be restricting the number of people allowed at the event.

  1. These events are only for people who are ready to go home with a dog that day. This means that all members of your household must be present, including any other dogs.
  2. Please do not arrive early to the event unless you are prepared to wait in your car. We will only allow a certain amount of people in at a time.
  3. This process may change as we navigate the pandemic further, and we will keep lines of communication open via email, social media and our website.

New dogs entering the rescue

We are working closely with our partners to bring in more adoptable dogs into the rescue each week. We have continued to do this throughout the pandemic in a safe manner, and we do not expect this to change.

We could not be more proud of how our volunteers and partners have made so many adoptions possible this year. Despite every challenge that has come our way, we’ve found creative solutions and worked tirelessly to make sure that every dog finds the absolute perfect family for them. We appreciate your cooperation and are excited to match you with your new best friend!