Terrier / Terrier / Mixed (medium coat)
Medium Adult Male (neutered)

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  1. AgeAdult
  2. SizeMedium
  3. BreedTerrier / Terrier / Mixed (medium coat)
  4. GenderMale
  5. Cat FriendlyUknown
  6. Dog FriendlyYes
  7. Child FriendlyUknown
  8. Crate TrainedLearning
  9. Leash TrainedLearning
  10. House TrainedYes

Darby is a dog with a ready smile. Considering how difficult his life must have been as a stray, he seems to take it all in stride. He’ll even stick out his tongue if you want to create a more interesting photo, all the while seeming to grin. Darby ended up in the local kill shelter, but was saved by a rescue organization in Louisiana.  Maybe that is why he grins at the camera.

Darby is a terrier mix. He has a medium length coat that is white with tan markings. He has wisps of fur, typical of a terrier. Even his furry tail seems to be wispy. His face has a symmetrical pattern that accents his dark eyes and black nose.

Darby is house trained and working on crate training!  He’s a smart boy, but remember all pups may have a transition phase and a few accidents might happen as he is adjusting to his new home. Darby loves attention and thinks life is just great when he receives it and when he can play with his canine friends. What a gentle soul he is.

He has been working on his leash training skills and making progress.

Darby has been living in a kennel with two other pups his size, which is about 23 pounds. He gets along fine with them but is intimidated by other dogs, particularly larger dogs. But then again, he was on his own as a stray and with the lack of socialization it is understandable that he can be afraid of larger dogs.

Darby deserves a second chance with someone who will give him the attention and love he so rightly deserves. He will need the right guidance mixed with patience, time, and perseverance to help him master those house and social skills.  The result will be a dog who will be a devoted lifelong friend. Will you be the one he can believe in? If yes, read on!

The fee for adoption is $450. This includes spay/neuter, vaccinations and transport fees.Interested in adopting

Darby? To get the ball rolling head over to https://www.dogstarrescue.org/the-form/  and submit your application today. A Dog Star representative will contact you within 24 hours. To help speed up the process, please call your vet and give them permission to speak with us.

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Darby, available for adoption at Dog Star Rescue.
Pluto, available for adoption at Dog Star Rescue. He's an attentive boy.