Saving McClain
June 15, 2020


Dog Star Rescue is continuing to operate while following all Federal, CDC and local health requirements during this pandemic as the state slowly reopens.  We have completely modified all business practices and adoptions from face to face to virtual, including adoption contracts and payment of adoption fees.  I am beyond proud of the way our volunteers have responded in this new world with innovative ways of running our rescue in a safe manner while managing all of their work and personal lives.  We didn’t give up on our pups!

We anticipate this “new normal” will forever change the way we help dogs through the expanded use of technology. Our use of virtual adoption events as a tool to help pups find homes will continue even when we can return to face to face adoption events.

Dog Star is receiving an unusually high volume of applications and inquiries from prospective adopters and as a result we have only been publishing our new dogs up for adoption to preapproved adopters in order to provide prompt response to all applicants.  Please complete an application on the website – Get preapproved to see what adoptable dogs are available!

We have volunteers who, when not dedicating time to Dog Star, are working on the front lines of the pandemic as first responders, police, firefighters, healthcare workers and more. Please be sure to thank them over and over for their efforts during the pandemic. And thank you for everything you’re doing. Please continue to take care of yourself, your family and each other!

Throughout all of this, we have continued to do the right thing, the right way, resulting in the right outcome.

Dan McCabe

President, Dog Star Rescue