Crate Training an Adult Dog

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January 31, 2021
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Crate Training 101
February 8, 2021
crate training adult dog

Many dog owners want to crate train their new dog but aren’t sure where to start. Read these crate training tips to help with the crate training process.

Tips for crate training an adult dog

  • Increase the time your dog stays alone inside the crate from 1-2 hours slowly up to 8 hours
  • Always leave enough chew toys and stuffed kongs for your dog to pass the time enjoyably
  • Do not use the crate as a punishment. Your dog must love to be settled in his crate before you can use it for time outs.
  • Once your dog has learned to potty outside on schedule and to only chew on his own toys, leave the crate door open.
  • If your dog whines or barks ignore him. Only let him out or give him a treat or toy if he is quiet and relaxed inside the crate. Otherwise you will be rewarding whining behavior!

Schedule for crate training your dog

  • 15 minutes: Wake up and immediately take dog outside for potty
  • 20-30 minutes: Feeding time (food and water) + digestion time
  • 45 minutes – 2 hours: Take dog outside for potty and stay out walking, playing, etc
  • 4-8 hours: Crate time