Tips for Introducing Your Dog to a Cat

How to Greet a Dog
February 15, 2021
socializing your dog
Socializing Your Dog
February 15, 2021
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Most dogs and cats and get along successfully with a proper introduction, so read these tips to make the process less stressful for your household.

There is a common assumption that dogs and cats can not get along, but if a proper introduction is done the results will be excellent. Often, relationship problems between animals occur when a correct introduction process isn’t practiced. Don’t try to limit your cat to only one area of the house because you are scared of the new dog. Not taking the proper steps to introduce a cat to a new dog can lead to one of the animals being harassed. Stress from an unhealthy relationship between animals could even lead to illness.

Analyze Your Animals’ Personalities

What are your resident dog or cat’s previous history with other species? How did this interaction occur? Even though a great interaction in the past with an animal is an excellent sign, that does not guarantee the same results with a new one. Always be cautious and anticipate your dog may want to harm your cat.

Expect there to be Obstacles

Cats are known for being afraid of dogs. Remember that throughout the whole introduction process. Dogs can either immediacy rush to harm the cat or become curious. Curiosity could result in a playful manner or in other cases some form of aggression. Follow these steps to ensure the introduction process runs smoothly.

  • Allow each animal to smell one another before introducing them in person.
  • Allow both animals to hear each other on the opposite side of a closed door.
  • Feed the animals behind each side of a closed door.
  • Once they lose interest in one another’s scent or presence at the door, allow them to see each other but not to touch.
  • Allow more interaction everyday, and slowly decrees the distance they are from each other.

Remember to not move too quickly through the process. It could take a few days, or even months until each animal is comfortable with one another.

Do not leave the animals unsupervised until you are certain they are safe with each other.