Alum Pupdate: Daisy

sarah o'leary
Volunteer Interview: Sarah O’Leary
December 6, 2022
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Annual Appeal: Closing 2022 with Gratitude
December 18, 2022
alum pupdate daisy

When Jennee and her family met Daisy (DS Meredith), they thought she was adorable and instantly realized she was a good fit once she started playing with their other two dogs and 3 kids. Daisy’s playful, sweet, and cuddly personality instantly stole Jennee’s heart.

Cute and pretty as a Daisy spends her afternoons playing around with her big brother and sister. Daisy’s typical afternoon includes a delicious dinner that she scarfs out like she never ate before. Tired of playing and eating, she snuggles with her humans ready for a chilled night.

The beginning of her new life wasn’t so easy because Daisy had to get used to the other two dogs, 3 kids, and a busy environment. However, Daisy’s life now is living the dream. She gets all the puppy snuggles, plays with her brother and sister, and loves to chew on her new toys. Her new family loves her and can’t remember life before adopting her!