Veterans Adoption Process

We are proud to have a special adoption program for honorably discharged U.S. veterans. It is our honor to place dogs into veterans' homes. Interested military candidates will be required to:

  • Fill out an online adoption application. There is a field in the application asking if you or your partner are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Proof of military service with a U.S. Military ID Card will be required by all military applicants, designating an honorably discharged veteran.
  • If you are a disabled veteran, DS4V requires a letter from the veterans personal physician attesting to the veteran's suitability for a companion dog.
  • DS4V will interview each military applicant to understand their home environment needs, and what each applicant is looking for in a rescue dog. The screening will be done by volunteer staff within DS4V.
  • DS4V may meet with veterans at their homes and conduct home visits as appropriate/needed for the life of the dog. Additional home visits may be scheduled as appropriate after an adoption to ensure the dog match is perfect. This is part of the contracted agreement between a veteran and DS4V.
  • DS4V will pay half the fee for one 6-week required basic skills obedience training session post adoption to a veteran. The training must be done through a pre-approved list of trainers and not to exceed a $200 direct cost to DS4V.
  • Upon completion of the 6-week training session, a training certificate will be required as proof of the completed training.
  • DS4V will pay 100% of the adoption fee for disabled veterans, which is currently set at $500 for dogs over four months and under age 7.
  • DS4V will pay 50% of the adoption fee for honorably discharged veterans, which is currently set at $250.
  • Veterans will allow DS4V to have access to veterinary records for the life of the dog, this is part of the adoption contract.

Additional Adoption Benefits through DS4V:

DS4V has entered into a partnership with Dr. Nicole Sabo/Veterinary Care Everywhere for discounted veterinarian services. Dr. Sabo's mission is to, "Provide Quality Pet Care to the Disabled, Veterans, and the Elderly." Dr. Sabo offers low cost, house-call service including basic vaccinations and wellness exams.

Veterans who adopt a dog through DS4V, will have access to Dr. Sabo’s services as mentioned above.


For additional information or questions, please contact the DS4V Program at: