How Can You Help?

Dog Star Rescue is supported 100% through the efforts and time of volunteers. We are always looking for individuals to help with the rescue and the Dog Star Veterans Program (DS4V). You can donate time, money, or resources to assist us in our mission. We are also looking to connect with individuals in the military, to assist us in our outreach and grow the DS4V program.

The DS4V program relies entirely on grants and donations to cover the costs of adopting out dogs to veterans. If you are making a donation, please consider our Sponsoring a Veteran Program. By donating the following amount, you can cover the costs of a veteran receiving a companion dog:

Medal of Honor Sponsorship: $650
Covers the full adoption of a companion dog and basic obedience training for an honorably discharged veteran.

For additional information or questions, please contact the DS4V Program at: