Adoptable Beau – Awkward, Loving & Looking for His Forever Home

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August 25, 2022
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Adoptable Beau has been with Dog Star Rescue for over a year and while he has received applications during this time, none have been the perfect match because Beau doesn’t need saving – he needs acceptance for who he is and who he may always be.

Understanding and loving Beau for who he is

Of course when you look at him, you want to save him – we all do. And when you hear his backstory, you really, really want to be the one to save him – we all do. But with Beau, we need a dog-savvy and empathetic individual who understands that Beau doesn’t need saving. Beau needs a family who’s going to understand that you’re going to get what you get – and you’ll get a lot in a 55lb package of pure love and anxiety.

Let’s dig into how he came into our rescue, what he brings to the table and why we are trying to find the absolute perfect home soon for this amazing, neurotic, snuggly hero hound.

Remember high school dances and there was always that one guy or girl who was in the corner? That’s Beau. Awkward is his middle name but honestly, he embraces it. This 2 year old hound loves to play with other dogs but sometimes they don’t notice that he’s trying to play – yikes, again, awkward. He takes a while to warm up to new people he’s just met but once he does, he becomes Velcro. And speaking of Velcro, because he’s a wee bit insecure, once he does attach he really doesn’t like when you leave him. Need to run some errands? Ok he’ll accept that. But leave for work more than a few hours a day and he will lose his marbles wondering if he’s been abandoned forever. For real, he’ll think the sky is falling and other unreasonable concerns that a therapist would have a field day over.

How Beau started his life

Beau was part of a group of dogs who started their lives in a medical research facility and this research will have a lasting impact on thousands of companion animals. Because of this unusual start at life however, Beau didn’t experience the normal level of socialization that younger dogs receive. Beau has come an incredible way through the care that his foster home has provided – learning home ready skills like house training, getting on a schedule, enjoying movie night, car rides and more. But still – his quirkiness is important to also know. He will need a fenced-in yard because his leash training will be a work in progress for some time. If Beau’s on a leash, you may not always be going in the same direction. Are your feet moving? Well Beau’s aren’t. Sometimes he’ll need a pick-me-up…literally. The good news is, he does zoomies in a fenced area like a champ. You’ve never seen a more adorable discombobulated deer-like creature in your life. We promise.

Loving Beau, including his quirks

Beau loves the company of other dogs and can hang in a multi-dog household like the best of them. Sometimes, Beau gets a wild hair and acts like a 7-year-old boy who didn’t learn that sharing was caring. Thus, Beau needs a family who doesn’t care that there won’t be toys everywhere and anywhere and who isn’t going to consider meals a survival of the fittest event. He’s been there, done that, and is not a fan.

Beau is also successfully living with a cat. Now this cat is the least dog-savvy cat you’ve ever met and Beau is more scared of all 7lbs of her than he is of his own shadow. So, he will probably do fine with an aloof feline house mate. He will thrive in a home that goes at the pace of Beau. He will never be a city slicker and would not be thrilled in a home that is frenetic or busy. He also doesn’t have experience with children so a home without young children will allow him to be his shy, quirky self.

Dog Star Rescue is looking for an experienced family who will give Beau a chance – starting by meeting him several times so everyone gets comfortable, understanding that he will never be a social butterfly and dedicated to his long term well being. In exchange, he gives the biggest hugs, the sweetest little kisses, will listen to your daily worries without judgment, and give you constant companionship. And we really mean constant because like we said, this boy wants you home!

Bloomfield CT based Dog Star Rescue is accepting applications for Beau and as part of this screening process we will want to talk with you and meet you. We are fully dedicated to any family who adopts Beau and will provide necessary support so that we can give him the happily ever after he deserves. When he is successfully adopted we plan to have a huge party – one that Beau will undoubtedly be hiding in the corner for of course.