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Sissy’s story: The Power of Love

11 month old Sissy has experienced more trauma in her life than any animal should ever endure. She was taken in by New Britain Animal Control after a domestic abuse call, where it was quickly discovered that she had been severely abused. After realizing what a sweet, amazing dog Sissy was, the animal control officer reached out to Dog Star Rescue to see if we could help give her story a happy ending. Without hesitation, our volunteers picked Sissy up and immediately placed her into one of our loving foster homes.

Sissy has proved herself to be one resilient puppy, quickly adapting to her foster home and experiencing love and patience like she had never known. In Dog Star’s care, we had Sissy evaluated by a veterinarian to determine the extent of her injuries. Her scan revealed that her injuries were far worse than we imagined. Sissy has fractures in her mandible, femur, front left, bilateral hips, pelvis and ribs. The level of her abuse is so upsetting, and consistent with our mission of saving dogs’ lives, Dog Star Rescue has committed to paying all of  her surgery expenses so she can live the life she deserves.

If you can, please help us by donating to Sissy’s surgery fund here. Any funds raised over the estimated $5K surgery cost will be used toward the medical needs of our other rescue dogs. We cannot make a difference without the help of our community, so we thank you for all you do to support our rescue and our dogs in need.